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High-Speed Digital Image Correlation

Location:Wayne Township, New Jersey
Max Attendance: 20
Pricing: $3500.00 (USD), includes meals.
Attendees will be responsible for travel fees (i.e., airfare, taxis, etc) and lodging
Next Course Date: June 25 - 27th

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Course Information

Instructor: Kyle D. Gilroy, PhD

Digital image correlation is an image-based, non-contact methodology used to measure the displacement, strain, and/or vibration of a dynamically deforming object. Vision Research is presenting a hands-on course intended for potential and current users of high-speed digital image correlation (DIC). The course will be led by field applications engineer Kyle D. Gilroy, PhD (Vision Research). It is three-day course where users will leave knowing how to:
  1. Operate a high-speed camera
  2. Synchronize high-speed cameras
  3. Prepare an experiment for Digital Image Correlation
  4. Learn how to use Digital Image Correlation software
  5. Learn how to analyze DIC results (i.e., displacement, strain, vibration).

A Phantom Academy certification will be issued to attendees who successfully complete course objectives.

For more information, please contact kyle.gilroy@ametek.com

Course Syllabus

Day 1 Arrival to Course Location
Key Concepts in High Speed Imaging
Traditional strain/displacement measurement (Contact)
Coffee/Bathroom Break
Traditional Strain/Displacement Technologies (Non-Contact)
2D Stereophotogrammetry -- Digital image correlation
(Theory and Examples)
Technical Walkthrough of the Phantom Control software
Synchronizing Camera Pairs for Stereophotogrammetry
3D Stereophotogrammetry -- Digital image correlation
(Theory and Examples)
Install / Walkthrough of Stereophotogrammetry Software (ARAMIS)
Day 2 Arrival
Attendees work to setup cameras (tripod/lenses/orientation)
Synchronize the cameras (hardware/software)
Groups show test cine to verify sync (clap hands, playback)
Collect 20 stereo-pairs and check with software
Select/Prepare Target for Measurement (Speckle Patterning)
Mounting/position Target for Fast Event
Set up lighting for experiment, capture a test cine
Day 3 Arrival
Return to camera-setup, test for synchronization
Mounting the Target for Fast Event
Perform Experiment (Collect minimum of three test series)
Import image Tiff-8 image stack into ARAMIS
Calculate 3D strain and deformation
Prepare 15-min presentation of your best result
Present Data to Class (10-15 min each)
Digital evaluation form (in email)