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Characterization of Respiratory Droplets & Gases Webinar

Phantom Academy Respiratory Webinar

Characterization of Respiratory Droplets & Gases

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We are currently amid battling one of the world greatest pandemics of all time: The Covid-19 Crisis. Researchers have been scrambling to develop characterization techniques to characterize respiratory gases, droplets, and aerosols. With this in mind, Vision Research has designed an advanced short course that covers the intricacies of using high-speed cameras to characterize micro-sized droplets, particles, and bioaerosols emanating from talking, coughing, sneezing & breathing. The beginning of the course will be focused on lecture, and the latter part will deal cases studies and image data. The goal is that the student leaves knowing all the imaging strategies necessary for characterizing respiratory gases and droplets.  

Abbreviated Syllabus:
  • Key concepts in high-speed imaging
  • Challenges in Characterizing Respiration
  • Introduction to Schlieren Imaging
  • Imaging of Droplets & Bioaerosols
  • Case studies and demonstrations

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