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Shadowgraphy & Schlieren Imaging of Imaging Transparent Flows

Phantom Academy Schlieren Webinar

Shadowgraphy & Schlieren Imaging of Imaging Transparent Flows

Course ID: PAC1009
Pre-Req: PCC0001/PCC0002

Next Course Offering: March 30, 2021   10:00am - 12:30pm EDT

Understanding how to image transparent flows through shadowgraph and schlieren techniques is critical for characterizing optical density gradients in gases and fluids. Vision Research has designed this short course to teach attendees about the fundamentals. The beginning of the course will be focused on lecture, and the latter part will deal with hands-on learning and problem solving. We will put a focus on traditional schlieren imaging and background oriented schlieren (BOS) imaging.

Abbreviated Syllabus:
  • Lighting Problems & Options
  • The Family of Angles
  • Bright-field & Dark-field Imaging
  • Shadowgraphy
  • Schlieren Imaging
  • Digital Schlieren
  • Experiments and demonstrations

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