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Phantom Academy Explosives Webinar

Phantom Academy Explosive Webinar

Explosives Engineering Course

Course ID: PAC1003
Pre-Req: PCC0001/PCC0002

Next Course Offering: TBD, email to be added to interest list

The course will introduce principal topics in the field of explosive engineering and will describe how best to utilize digital high-speed imaging when conducting research for military or civilian explosive engineering applications. The course will address both the theory and practical aspects of the topics. This course id designed for an audience with a wide range of backgrounds and professional experiences.

Abbreviated Syllabus:
  • Key Concepts in High Speed Imaging
  • Blasting Basics and Review
  • Mitigation of Flash and Saturation
  • Shock Wave Imaging and Analysis
  • High-Speed Imaging Shock tube detonator
  • Shadowgraph and Schlieren Technique for Explosions

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