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DIC (Digital Image Correlation) Webinar

Phantom Academy DIC Webinar

DIC (Digital Image Correlation)

Course ID: PAC1002
Pre-Req: PCC0001/PCC0002

Next Course Offering:    TBD

DIC (digital image correlation) is an image-based non-contact methodology used to process digital images of dynamically deforming objects and compute full-field displacement, strain, and/or vibration. Vision Research is presenting this introductory short course that is intended for potential and current users of high-speed digital image correlation (DIC). The goal is to provide users a guide to best practices set forth by the International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs). This starts on the hardware side (i.e., synchronization and camera setup) and then delves into software (i.e., basic theory and process parameters). The vast number of DIC software will be discussed, as well as open-source packages such as MATLAB and Python. Live demonstrations of DIC will be illustrated using NCORR (a software run in MATLAB). 

Abbreviated Syllabus:

  • Key Concepts in High Speed Imaging
  • Traditional strain/displacement measurement (Contact)
  • Traditional Strain/Displacement Technologies (Non-Contact)
  • 2D Stereophotogrammetry -- Digital image correlation 
  • Synchronizing Camera Pairs for Stereophotogrammetry
  • 3D Stereophotogrammetry -- Digital image correlation 
  • Hardware Configuration (tripod/lenses/orientation)
  • Synchronize the cameras (hardware/software)
  • Select/Prepare Target for Measurement (Speckle Patterning)
  • Event Characterization and Full-Field Analysis

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