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Phantom Academy Webinars

Phantom Academy Webinars

PCC Jump Start Courses

The Phantom Camera Control (PCC) Jump Start courses are designed to enhance the technical operation of Phantom camera users. These courses serve as prerequisites for the more advanced one-thousand level courses. Jump-Start Training 1 discusses a variety of camera and imaging related concepts.  Jump-Start Training 2 discusses measurements, tracking, and other advanced features within the PCC software.  

Next Course Dates:
USA Hours - April 29th

Learn more about PCC Jump Start 1 and 2

Advanced Short Courses

These courses cover a variety of topics. To learn more and read the abbreviated syllabus click on a course of interest. 

TBD means that there is no date set at this moment.  If you are interested in a course marked TBD please be sure to email us at phantom.academy@ametek.com so that we can note your interest.  A webinar can be run as soon as we have enough participants available so it is very important to us that you let us know which course you would like to attend. 

Course fees are discussed during registration as they can depend on topic, group rates, and institutional association. 

Course Title  Next Offering Date
High-Speed Imaging for Automotive Applications  TBD
Ballistics & Range Applications May 13, 9:00am EDT
Digital Image Correlation TBD
Explosive Engineering Course TBD 
ImageJ (or FIJI) for Image Processing & Analysis TBD
MATLAB for Processing & Analyzing High-Speed Images May 20, 9:00am EDT
Microfluidics: Cells, Droplets, Sprays, and Bubbles TBD
Particle Image Velocimetry TBD 
Systems, Signals, and Triggering May 24, 1:30pm EDT
Imaging Transparent Flows: Shadowgraphy & Schlieren Imaging TBD
Characterization of Respiratory Behaviors using High-Speed Cameras TBD
 Real-Time Machine Vision Analysis Apr. 22, 2:00pm EDT