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Expanding Machine Vision

Increasing the high-speed capabilities of machine vision allows for better imaging and enhances the diagnostic capabilities of engineers and their critical software programs. Machine Vision needs are unique in high-speed imaging as they often require long record times, something Keep Reading

Extreme Machine Vision

High-Speed Imaging in Biomedical Microfluidic Applications: Principles and Overview

Many of the challenges of imaging on a microscale are common to those faced in conventional high-speed photography; the primary differences are the greatly reduced field-of-view and much smaller object sizes. These differences also yield the biggest challenge when studying biomed Keep Reading

Biomedical Microfluidcs (English)

Interfacing a DAQ Unit With a Phantom Camera

In this tutorial, a Phantom Camera is interfaced with a National Instruments USB 6361 Data Acquisition Unit (DAQ). The first part will talk about interfacing the DAQ with a PC, followed by the procedure for both a DAQ unit and a PC to a Phantom Camera. Keep Reading

DAQ Walkthrough