Phantom High-Speed Camera Enables Welding Research

A Phantom v711 high-speed camera was are used by Davi Ribeiro and his colleagues at the Welding Research and Technology Laboratory (LPTS) in Brazil. Their focus was on developing new arc welding processes utilizing a range of both manual and automate welding equipment. A new process has allowed them to image a welding joint less than 1 mm in diameter. Keep Reading


Phantom High-Speed Look At Oil Well Cleaning

Thanks to Vision Research’s Phantom v2511, Olson Technologies was able to see what their Plasma Blaster does in an oil well 30 feet underground. The ability to analyze what happens during oil well cleaning has encouraged the development of cost effective, quick, and environmentally conscious procedures. Because this happens at least 30 feet underground a special test housing was created to allow the v2511 to see the event clearly. Keep Reading

Plasma Blaster

Capturing Ferrofluid Movement with a Phantom High-speed Camera

Led by Dr. Yu Gu, Assistant Professor of Physics at Juniata College, undergraduate students focused their studies on magnetic ferrofluids. The research being performed requires a Phantom high-speed camera do see the quick movement occurring in tiny capillary tubes. Using a Miro C110 mounted to a microscope in a laboratory setup. Results of the study will aid in the advancement of laboratory research capabilities and in industrial areas like semiconductor manufacturing. Keep Reading