Equipped with CineMag storage technology, the v-Series is a "step up" from the Miro line in speed, memory capacity, and advanced features. Available in 1Mpx and 4Mpx versions up to 7 gigapixels / second.

image v341

The Phantom v341 has a 4Mpx 35mm format sensor for exceptional detail. It comes with dual HS-SDI and is compatible with Phantom CineMag II.

image of v641

The Phantom v641 provides over 6Gpx/sec in a 4Mpx sensor, for high speed imaging with high detail. The v641 is compatible with Phantom CineMag II, offering a proven combination for a variety of applications.  

image v611

The Phantom v611 offers high frame rates in a 1Mpx camera. With over 6,000 fps at full 1Mpx resolution and up to 680,000 fps at reduced resolutions, it is the perfect solution for many applications.

image of v711

The Phantom v711 is the flagship of Phantom V-series. It provides over 7000 fps at full 1Mpx resolution and offers compatibility with Phantom CineMag II.