The Phantom VEO camera series was designed to work well in nearly any application.  The rugged body construction and custom sensor deliver the superior imaging quality that Phantom cameras are known for.  These cameras can be found in science laboratories, outdoor areas, and on film production sets.

image VEO340

The Phantom VEO 340 digital high-speed camera delivers clean and hi-resolution images in a small and compact body.  Found in both production and research related applications.

image VEO640

The VEO 640 delivers 4 Mpx imaging at higher speeds than the 340.  Available in multiple body styles to ensure compatibility with application needs.

Image VEO410

The Phantom VEO410 has 4 Gpx of data throughput and a 1 Mpx sensor.  This camera features a rugged body style that is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.  The VEO410 can be found in research laboratories around the world.

image VEO710

The Phantom VEO710 pushes the proprietary 1 Mpx sensor to the limit with 7 Gpx throughput.  Like other VEO cameras it takes advantage of the lightweight body and style options to enhance operator experience.

image of veo4K 550

The Phantom VEO4K 590 brings the power of the Flex4K sensor to a portable and rugged body. A variety of options increase the flexibility of the high-speed, high-resolution camera.

image veo4K 990

The Phantom VEO4K 990 delivers 4K imaging at the speeds equal to our Flex4K series.  A portable and rugged body with a variety of options enhances user experience and increases the flexibility of the high-speed, high-resolution imaging.

image veo4K PL

The Phantom VEO4K PL-RLS is known as the “Flex4K Light”.  It delivers pristine 4K imaging in a portable and rugged body. The special black housing unit reduces light reflection when on set or in well-lit areas.