The Phantom Ultrahigh-Speed cameras series features our fastest 1 Mpx and 4 Mpx cameras. These cameras are found in a variety of defense and research and development applications, including microfluidics, piv, stress testing and ballistics.

image of v1212
The Phantom v1212 is the introductory Ultrahigh-Speed Phantom Camera.  It is the go to camera when very high sensitivity is an issue and speed is less of a concern.
image of v1612

The Phantom v1612 is has 30% more speed than the v1212 with 16 Gpx thoughtput. The sensor is extremely sensitive and can reach up to 1 Million fps with the FAST option. the introductory Ultrahigh-Speed Phantom Camera. 

image of v2012

The Phantom v2012 is the second most powerful Phantom Ultrahigh-speed camera. It can produce high-quality images at an even higher rate of speed.

image of v2512

The Phantom v2512 is the flagship Ultrahigh-speed Phantom camera. The fastest camera available, it is capable of reaching up to 1 Million frames per second.

image of v1840

The Phantom v1840 is the first step in next generation high-speed imaging.  The v1840 has a 4 Mpx imaging sensor that records at speeds not found in comparable sensors and a bright field mode for intense lighting situations.

image of v2640

The Phantom v2640 is the fastest 4 Mpx camera available. It is top of the line and pushes the boundaries of speed vs. detail further than they have been before.