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Phantom Cameras in the News

NEW Machine Vision Phantom S210 and S200 Streaming Cameras

The Phantom® S210 and S200, 2Gpx/sec (16 Gbps) machine vision cameras. The S210 reaches 1,730 frames per second (fps) at full 1.3Mpx resolution, while the S200 achieves 7,000 fps at full 0.3Mpx VGA resolution. Developed for machine vision needs the cost-effective camera delivers Keep Reading

Announcing the New Phantom VEO E

The newest addition to the VEO series of cameras, the VEO E is cost effective and sturdy enough to stand up to intense university research needs. Keep Reading

Love High Speed & VRI Onyx Release

Love High Speed and Vision Research enter into a partnership to supply media production customers with access to the Phantom v2640 Onyx with OLPF and PL mount features. Keep Reading