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Phantom Cameras in the News

Announcing: NEW VEO 1310

The Phantom® VEO 1310 — the latest addition to the trusted Phantom VEO high-speed camera family is equipped with a new 1.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. It features faster recording speeds and 2.5X higher light sensitivity than previous VEO models Keep Reading

University of Texas Rio Grande Adds Phantom VEO 410L to Laboratory

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has decided to utilize a Phantom VEO 410L in its research laboratories. Researchers, both faculty and student, will be studying the boundary layer transition in hydrofoils. Data and experience during the study may be used in nautical base Keep Reading

University of Maryland Obtains Phantom LAB110 Camera

The University of Maryland recently decided to increase their research capabilities through high-speed imaging. The inclusion of a Phantom MIRO LAB110 camera to their laboratory will strengthen their data collection possibilities. While the camera will be used in a variety of stu Keep Reading