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Phantom Cameras in the News

University of Waterloo, Canada Uses a Phantom VEO 710S

The University of Waterloo’s Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Laboratory recently obtains a Phantom VEO 710S for research purposes. The laboratory, focusing on next generation additive manufacturing processes, is using the equipment to capture process signatures in additive man Keep Reading

Virginia Tech Acquires Phantom VEO 710L for Research Laboratory

Virginia Tech has recently added a Phantom VEO 710L for their Cavitation, Propulsion, and Multiphase Flow laboratory. Devoted to multiphase and multi-component flows with an extra emphasis on cavitation, the Laboratory hopes to investigate high speed multiphase flows; one example Keep Reading

California Institute of Technology Introduces Phantom UltraHigh-Speed v1612

California Institute of Technology’s Department of Aerospace has recently added a new Phantom UltraHigh-Speed v1612 to its Explosion Dynamics Laboratory. Predominantly studying thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, fluid dynamics, and solid mechanics with rapid combustion and shock Keep Reading