Phantom Cameras in the News

NEW Phantom® v1840 Ultrahigh-Speed Camera

Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, has introduced the Phantom v1840-the latest addition to the Phantom ultrahigh-speed camera family. The v1840 provides the same very high image quality at 18 Gpix/sec as the Phantom v2640 with was released in February. Keep Reading

Virginia Tech Obtains Phantom Miro C110

Virginia Tech students and faculty will utilizing a Phantom Miro C110 high-speed camera in their research laboratory. The main focus of study will be the evaluation of helmet impact performance for sports such as football, hockey, cycling, etc. They will also be evaluating head impacts during live sporting events. Keep Reading

University of Glasgow Introduces a Phantom VEO 410L to Research Laboratory

The University of Glasgow is adding a Phantom VEO 410L to their research laboratory at the Institute for Gravitational Research. Students and faculty will have access to this high-speed camera for a variety of uses. The initial use of the camera will be the analysis of fracture points of fused silica glass fibers used in highly tensioned mirror suspensions for advanced astronomical gravitational wave observatories including Advanced LIGO. Keep Reading