Phantom PCC 3.6 Software Release

Available for download at 

This latest PCC builds upon previous versions, introducing new features and improvements, including: 

  • User Configuration Manager. This is a new program within PCC that allows users to define a profile for what menu items get displayed when running PCC, which otherwise gives all users access of every camera setting.
    • Hide or Disable the items that you do not want to see, or that you do not want camera operators having access to.
    • In addition to control over the menu items, certain software defaults (like image processing settings) can be defined as well.
    • The user profiles can be password protected so that an administrator can setup the exact PCC configuration and defaults for their organization.
  • Focus Assist Function: Located in the top menu bar, this applies an edge enhancing filter to clearly visualize when detail in the image comes into focus.
  • OCC (on-camera control) Interface: Added controls over the new video overlay options, a quiet fans indicator, and an auto-exposure indicator.
  • Bugs & Issues Corrections: Fixed issues with: the graphics display, continuous recording function, restart recording function, border data, and frame decimation.
  • Documentation Update: Our PCC help documentation has been updated:
    • The organizational structure of the documentation has been revised.
    • Updates to all content with verification.
    • Camera-specific help has been removed from this documentation. The camera-specific documentation can be found in the product manuals, available on each camera product page of our website.
More detail about the release can be found in the help file linked on the software download page and in the install package. 

Vision Research recommends PCC 3.6 for all current Phantom camera models.