Phantom PCC 3.5 software has been released and is now available for download.

This latest PCC introduces several major features and improvements, including: 

  • File naming and Auto-name functionality. A new comprehensive menu allows users to preset detailed naming conventions for single file saves, batch saves, continuous recording, file conversions and more. 
  • Sync Snapshot menu for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and 3D calibration. The new snapshot menu, when open, directs synchronized snapshot files from each connected camera into a folder that is then imported into the user’s DIC software. This is a critical step for calibrating the 3D environment.
  • Overexposure indication. A function for ‘Zebra on overexposure’ can be found in the preferences menu, which places a moving zebra pattern on areas of the image that are overexposed.
  • Enhancements including improvements to border data, time code display and support tools.
Vision Research now recommends PCC 3.5 for all current Phantom camera models.