We have a new member of the VEO family. The VEO 440 shoots at over 1,100 fps at full four-megapixel resolution, over 2,000 fps at full 1080p HD, and up to 290,000 fps at the minimum resolution. The VEO440 is available with up to 72GB of RAM and with VEO S or L body styles. The L-model is streamlined for software-based imaging, where the S-models include ruggedized connectors and additional features to allow for untethered recording. Both versions offer the 10Gb Ethernet option for the fastest workflow possible. 

The new VEO440 rounds out our comprehensive line of one, four and nine megapixel VEO cameras, which include some of the most common speed, resolution and feature requirements for high speed imaging applications. 

For more information please visit the product page:

Phantom VEO 440