Vision Research continues to expand its family of high-speed machine vision cameras with the introduction of the Phantom S640. The S640 provides up to 6 Gpx/sec of streaming images, offering up to 1,485 fps at full 4 Mpx resolution of 2560 x 1600 and up to 290,000 fps at reduced resolutions.  The S640 uses CXP6 protocol. 

The Phantom S640 is based on the proprietary Phantom sensor used in the traditional Phantom VEO 640 models, bringing true high-speed data capability to streaming applications. “We’re excited to bring the high-speed capability of the VEO640 sensor to machine vision applications,” said Dan Hafen, Director of Business Development for Machine Vision at Vision Research, adding, “the VEO 640 is popular is a wide range of applications that require high frame rates and high detail, and with the S640 users are no longer constrained by the camera’s RAM.” The S640 has a 10 µm pixel, dynamic range of 55.9dB, and noise of 20.5e-. With an ISO rating of 6,400 in Monochrome and 1,250 in Color, the S640 is able to manage the light challenges that accompany true high-speed machine vision applications.

The S640 uses architecture similar to the Phantom S990, the 9GPx/sec streaming camera introduced by Vision Research last year. Rows from an image are simultaneously read into up to four CXP6 frame grabbers, depending on the data rate required for the application. The data can then be deinterleaved and stitched with simple algorithms to recreate the image, or the data can be analyzed directly from the frame grabbers. The S640 can also connect to a DVR for a long record time application.

Vision Research has paired up with Laser 2000 GmbH to offer and manage its family of machine vision cameras in Germany. It will be in the Laser 2000 booth, Hall B3, Booth 103, showing the Phantom S640, as well as the S990, and S200.