L&S Machine Company, located in Latrobe, PA, worked with Phantom High-Speed camera in a routine machine analysis.  Two Phantom cameras were used, the v2640 camera from the UHS series of cameras.  The world's fastest 4 Mpx camera is capable of 12,500 fps at full HD resolution and brings a variety of modes to the table to fit the needs of any application.  The Phantom Flex 4K bring extremely detailed imaging at 1,000 fps.  

While there the Phantom cameras were able to find a small, yet significant, timing error in the machining tools.  It was discovered that the lubricant timing was off and that drills were making contact with materials without lubricant which increases bit wear.  Phantom high-speed cameras were able to assist operators in correcting the error and improving operations. 

Watch our video case study below.