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The natural beauty of the ocean being captured in 4K at sunset. 

Courtesy: Phillip Clemo

image of lighting rig

In media production settings the proper lighting can make or break a shot.  So what happens when a director wants to do something in slow motion that has never been done before? The lighting experts at Satellite Lab, in New York City, are called in to make sure the shot doesn't fail. In order to do what was necessary a custom, never-before used lighting rig had to be developed. The scene being lit was the "Ride of the Valkyries" in Thor: Ragnarok and it was a huge success.

image of Phantom Flex4K

The Phantom Flex4K delivers superior 4K image quality.  On-camera controls, video pipeline, and the CineMag eliminate downtime on set. This increases productivity and helps to limit cost.

image of VEO4K PL

The Phantom VEO4K PL delivers the extremely superior image quality of the FLex4K in a small form factor body style.  It is perfect for robotic arms and drone applications. 

v2640 Onyx
v2640 ONYX

The Phantom v2640 ONYX combines both high-resolution 2K imaging with ultra-high frame rates. When both detail sensitivity and high-speeds are necessary the v2640 delivers. Available through rental only media and production companies can record in full HD at speeds never possible before. 

image of VEO 640
VEO 640

The Phantom VEO 640 offers a 2K, 4-megapixel 35mm sensor that provides full-HD 1080p at 2,800 fps. The VEO S-model includes on-camera controls, CFast support, a 12V battery input and HD Video outputs for monitoring and playback. 


The proper high-speed camera for entertainment and media related use can mean the difference between meeting a time or budget related goal. Considerations beyond simple frame-rate and resolution concerns must be well thought out.

The easiest way to decide which camera you will need is to answer four key questions about your production goals.

• Speed - How fast is it going?
• Size & Resolution - How large is the event and what resolution is required?
• Illumination - How much light is required to clearly see the experiment?
• Environment - Will the set be indoors or outdoors? Will there be access to traditional electrical output?

Regardless of what you are recording, the above will always be important. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that a trained Phantom camera expert can assist you in deciding which camera you will need.

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