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How the Academic Advantage Program Works


The A+ Academic Advantage Program is designed specifically to increase access to high-speed digital imaging at educational institutions.

The Educational Representative must:

  • Complete the EDU Program form
  • Ensure that the camera will not be utilized for commercial gain
  • Provide the Institution Name and End User name
  • Provide a brief summary on what type of research will be done

Once this is complete Vision Research will:

  • Discuss which camera will best fit the needs of the institution*
  • Explain any warranty, service options, and training options available
  • Provide a discounted offer

In exchange for the educational discount Vision Research requests the following:

  • The end user work with us to release a small (2-3 paragraph) press release about our joint effort.
  • We understand some research is proprietary however when possible, provide us with some photos and/or edited video or raw cine. (There is a release form outlining the use terms).
  • If possible, work with us to create a case study about how your Phantom camera aided in research.

We are proud of our 66-year history of providing access to photography in the education and science industries. We want to work with you to ensure that your efforts receive the tools they need and the attention they deserve.

To begin to take advantage of our program please complete the contact us form and a sales representative will discuss your options.


*Note: Not all cameras and configurations qualify for an educational discount from Vision Research. Please contact us to learn more about the program and help select the best camera for your application.