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High-Speed Imaging Uncovers The Invisible With Schlieren Techniques

Schlieren imaging is a technique used to study the movement of invisible flow events. Commonly found in laboratory and aerospace research scientists utilize this technique to see how gases move. Traditionally recorded in monochrome there are special filters that allow for color v Keep Reading

Schlieren Techniques

Precision Explosives Analysis Using High-Speed Imaging

Explosives testing is a unique research avenue that can benefits a number of industries, such as construction, mining, military, and police. Traditional explosives testing was performed with a labor intensive manual process that only supplied data pre- and post- detonation. H Keep Reading

Explosives Explosives (Turkish)

When Lightning And Lightning Rods Connect

Researchers in Brazil are using Phantom high-speed cameras to analyze the effects on lighting strikes as they connect to lighting rods placed on the roofs of tall city buildings. The analysis can help city officials and researchers understand what measures can be taken to increa Keep Reading

Lightning Rods Lightning Rods (BR. PORTG.)