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New High-Speed Lighting Technique In Thor: Ragnarok

Satellite Lab, in New York City, developed a new lighting rig that allowed Thor:Ragnarok creators to deliver a slow motion sequence in a style that had never been used before. The new technique flashed lights in a specific manner to create illumination and shadows in a seemingly Keep Reading

Lighting Technique

Optimizing Workflow with Phantom Cameras

This whitepaper, "Optimizing Workflow for High-Speed Imaging Applications," discusses what needs to be considered when preparing to utilize a Phantom High-Speed camera. Three common scenarios are discussed, outdoor settings, indoor laboratory environments, and TV/Movie production Keep Reading

Workflow Workflow (Italian)

Stereoscopic Imaging with Phantom High-Speed Cameras

GreenHausFilms is an experienced and flexible service provider for digital cinema cameras used on feature films, commercials, music videos, documentaries and more in Cape Town, South Africa. GHF focuses mainly on High Speed and is always trying to push boundaries to ensure the be Keep Reading

Stereoscopic Imaging