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Interfacing a DAQ Unit With a Phantom Camera

In this tutorial, a Phantom Camera is interfaced with a National Instruments USB 6361 Data Acquisition Unit (DAQ). The first part will talk about interfacing the DAQ with a PC, followed by the procedure for both a DAQ unit and a PC to a Phantom Camera. Keep Reading

DAQ Walkthrough

Overcoming Shot Noise Limitations with Bright Field Mode

Shot noise is one of the many forms of noise inherently found in digital imaging systems that can hinder the clarity of a feature within an image. Because shot noise trends with the square root of the signal intensity, it makes it especially difficult to resolve light-levels (or Keep Reading

Bright Mode Test

Big Risks Come in Small Packages

Using Phantom high-speed cameras, ballistics researchers observe what happens to a commercial aircraft after it collides with a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Keep Reading

Drone Collision