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Optimizing Workflow with Phantom Cameras

This whitepaper, "Optimizing Workflow for High-Speed Imaging Applications," discusses what needs to be considered when preparing to utilize a Phantom High-Speed camera. Three common scenarios are discussed, outdoor settings, indoor laboratory environments, and TV/Movie production Keep Reading

Precision Explosives Analysis Using High-Speed Imaging

Explosives testing is a unique research avenue that can benefits a number of industries, such as construction, mining, military, and police. Traditional explosives testing was performed with a labor intensive manual process that only supplied data pre- and post- detonation. H Keep Reading

Explosives Engineering

Put a high-speed camera in the hands of almost anyone, and the first thing they film is likely to be an explosion. It is fun watching a watermelon explode into thousands of micro-sized pieces in slow motion. However, the use of high-speed imaging to view and analyze explosives is Keep Reading