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Phantom Cameras Aid in Fracking Research

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Earth Resources Laboratory use Phantom High-Speed Cameras to study crack propagation in a large variety of rocks. It is important that how cracks form and move is fully understood so that machine operators understand Keep Reading


Climbing Fish Studied via High-Speed Imaging

Kelly Diamond, a Doctoral candidate at Clemson University, used a Phantom VEO 710 to capture how the small Hawaiian goby fish climb waterfalls to reach spawning areas. Many elements had to be considered and serveral challenges had to be overcome for this research project to be a Keep Reading

Climbing Gobies

High-Speed Imaging in Biomedical Microfluidic Applications: Principles and Overview

Many of the challenges of imaging on a microscale are common to those faced in conventional high-speed photography; the primary differences are the greatly reduced field-of-view and much smaller object sizes. These differences also yield the biggest challenge when studying biomed Keep Reading

Biomedical Microfluidcs (English)