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Precision Explosives Analysis with High-Speed Imaging

Vision Research teamed with the Colorado School of Mines to create a paper about the use of Phantom cameras in advanced explosives testing.  Phantom high-speed cameras have allowed the AXPRO Group to develop a more precise method of analysis.

Are Integrated Systems And DIC Software Necessary?

While many system integrators offer complete software and camera packages, it’s important to understand the requirements of your application to determine if a complete package is right for you.

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Digital Image Correlation Delivers Quality Quantitative Data

Engineers and researchers typically reach for sensors when they want to evaluate the stress-strain characteristics of materials or look at how applied forces affect objects, but now there's a better way.

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DIC Helps Researchers Measure Blunt Impact Forces On Football Helmets

To better understand helmet-impacting surface interactions, researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi used Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

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Diagnosing Vibration in Rotating Cantilever Beams with Digital Image Correlation

Measuring the vibration of rotating cantilever beams such as helicopter blades can be challenging because traditional sensors must pass signals through electrically noisy slip rings. 

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