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Advanced Combustion Research & Training

Oil well cleaning

Case Studies and Whitepapers

Back Side Illumination Advances High-Speed Imaging- This case study features the Phantom TMX and its revolutionary back side illuminated high-speed sensor for high speeds at larger resolutions.

“Precision Explosives Analysis with High-Speed Imaging” – This whitepaper is an in-depth look into the study of combustion in an explosives setting.  

“Oil Well Cleaning” – This case study shows how plasma blasting is being used to decrease oil well downtime while being cost effective and environmentally conscientious.  

"High-Speed Imaging Uncovers the Invisible with Schlieren Imaging" - A whitepaper which discusses how this unique imaging technique allows for the visualization of gases

"Phantom Cameras Measure Blast Wave Energy" -  A discussion on two detonator types utilized in explosive work. 

"Explosives Engineering with High-Speed Cameras" - A case study with discusses how explosives engineers plan for both the initial impact of the event and also the shock waves created when utilizing high-end explosives. 

Training Courses

Explosives Engineering & Shock Waves Analysis – A Phantom Academy course that covers the methods and best practices when imaging combustion events. 

Ballistics and Range Studies - A Phantom Academy course that covers the challenges associated with ballistics and range studies.