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Integrated Data Acquisition

Gather data from a wide range of sensors using any National Instruments™ USB X- or M-Series Data Acquisition (DAQ) module, and synchronize it with slow-motion video images recorded on a Phantom camera, using Phantom Camera Control (PCC) software version 2.2.737.0 or newer.

Setup is easy. Simply connect the Ready and Strobe signals from a Phantom camera to the DAQ module for precise timing and synchronization.

Using the “Signals” section of PCC software, assign meaningful names to each signal, choose whether the signal is digital (binary) or analog, and assign any required analog gain values and appropriate units of measurement.

After capturing a high-speed cine with your Phantom camera, use PCC to visualize and analyze the resulting image-sequence along with recorded external signals. This gives you both a qualitative and quantitative view of your experimental results.

Download camera connection documentation

Download software documentation

The following NI DAQ modules are supported at this time:

USB X Series

  • NI USB-6341
  • NI USB-6343
  • NI USB-6351
  • NI USB-6353
  • NI USB-6356
  • NI USB-6361
  • NI USB-6363 BNC
  • NI USB-6366

USB M Series

  • NI USB-6212 BNC
  • NI USB-6216 BNC
  • NI USB-6218 BNC
  • NI USB-6221
  • NI USB-6221 BNC
  • NI USB-6229
  • NI USB-6229 BNC
  • NI USB-6225
  • NI USB-6251 BNC
  • NI USB-6259 BNC



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