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Now Available: The CineMag IV PRO for Fast ProRes Encoding on the Flex4K

The new CineMag IV PRO is a higher performance version of the CineMag IV designed specifically for a fast, seamless ProRes workflow on...
1/24/2017 |  

University of Colorado - Denver Expands Research with Phantom VEO 410L

Close look at the imaging of hair bundle motions.
1/24/2017 |  

University of Houston Brings Phantom VEO 640L into the Araya Laboratory

Flow studies utilize drones for educational purposes.
1/20/2017 |  

Insect Flight Study Brings VEO 410L to Bates College

Insect flight study will prepare college students for many careers.
1/20/2017 |  

Introducing the Phantom N-Series:
Tiny Camera, Big Impact.


With a camera head measuring in at just 32mm x 32mm x 29mm, the Miro N-Series is Vision Research’s smallest camera model.

The Miro N5 camera head is detached from the body, can be mounted just about anywhere, and is Hi-G constructed to withstand impacts up to 150G. It is ideal for hostile and extreme environments, such as auto crash and aerospace testing. At full resolution, 768x600, the camera delivers 560 frames-per-second (fps) and over 9,000 fps at lower resolutions.

The Phantom Miro N-Series is comprised of the camera head, a detached camera base, and a 10m CXP cable. The CXP cabling and CoaxPress protocol ensures that vital data is captured, instantly transferred, and stored in the base, even if the camera is damaged. Images are stored on the base on 8GB of onboard RAM or 128GB of non-volatile CineFlash memory.

All components of the Phantom Miro N-Series are interchangeable and can be purchased and swapped into an existing setup should one component be destroyed. The N-Series operates with the Miro Junction Box (J-Box), which allows it to synchronize with other Phantom Miro models.

Visit the Phantom Miro N-Series product page for more information. Stay up to date with announcements and other news on Twitter @phantomHiSpeed, Facebook at “visionresearch” and by visiting the Vision Research blog

Featured Product

Phantom Ultrahigh-Speed Cameras


The newest additions to the Phantom Ultrahigh-speed UHS family offer significantly increased memory options as well as other features that make data management much easier.  The v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 all come equipped with either 72GB, 144GB, or 288GB of RAM and can be compatible with the CineMag IV, providing access to up to 2TB of non-volatile memory to quickly store critical data.  All members of the UHS-12 Series have superb sensitivity and the same frame rates as the UHS-11 cameras.


Miro R-Series Updated

We have updated the popular Miro R-Series camera family. We added two models, the R141 and R341 for applications requiring a 4 megapixel camera. We also added a door to the CineFlash slot making the camera family more attractive for outdoor use. The internal mechanical shutter which allows for automatic and/or remote black referencing is now standard with each camera.

Download new Miro Family datasheet


Did you know?

Vision Research's Phantom digital high-speed cameras are made in the USA at our factory in Wayne, New Jersey.

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