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  • v2640 captures a bursting water balloon
  • Phantom Camera a hit at World Series
    Bat breaks during game.
  • v1840 Brings all new Bright Field Mode
  • Miro C110 at Faster Frame Rates
  • Capacitor Explosion on VEO710
    Electrolytic capacitor of 100 microFarad overcharged and finally exploded. VEO710 at 20.000 fps.
  • N5 Car Belt Test
    Varying speeds for detail comparison.
  • World Series in Slow Motion
    Great hits, and misses during the World Series
  • Mach Diamonds, winner of "Excellent Slow Motion" award.
  • Helicopter Rally slow mo 1000fps
    Greendoor High Speed putting their Phantom Flex 4K through its paces with the Shotver F1 Gimble.
  • Miro C110 at Faster Frame Rates
  • Surfing @1000 FPS
    A summer of surfing.
  • Un CD Brisé à ... 170 000 i/sec - Réalisé par les ''Slow Mo Guys''
    Gav and Dan present the SLOWEST EVER episode of the slow mo guys by spinning a disc at 23,000RPM and filming it shatter at a whopping 170,000 frames per second.Huge thanks to Vision Research for letting us use their amazing Phantom V2511 for the filming of this video.
  • Crashs Tests du Site de l'IIHS
    The "Inside IIHS" series of videos offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Vehicle Research Center. "Inside IIHS: Crash test photography" explores what it takes to produce the high-quality, slow-motion footage needed to learn exactly what happened in a crash test and to communicate those findings to the media and the public.
  • Prise de Vue Microscopique d'une Méduse Piquant !
    If you want the Great Barrier Reef to be your real-life science lab, find out more about joining the explorers of the tropics and studying at JCU: More importantly, go do research with Dr. Seymour and figure out why the Box Jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world and help us find a cure. You might even be able to exploit the cardio-attacking mechanism to learn how to help doctors understand the heart better.
  • GunnyTime BTS
    GunnyTime BTS
  • Mach Diamonds, winner of "Excellent Slow Motion" award.
  • Play-offs de la BBL, Ligue Anglaise de Basket
    Relive the best of the action from Saturday's 79-54 victory over Leeds Force, securing the Bristol Flyers' place in the BBL play-offs in just their first season in the league.
  • Phantom HD - Officiel
    Compilado de la Jornadas de trabajo del #taller #phantomflex4k. Taller que tuvo lugar el pasado 19 y 20 de Julio en México D.F. Coyoacán. Compiled from the Workshop # Workshop # phantomflex4k. Workshop held on 19 and 20 July in Mexico DF Coyoacán.
  • The Huntsman - Title Sequence
    Title Sequence for the Blockbuster film starring Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and Chris Hemsworth. Filmed by Jimmy Matlosz, Cinematographer.
  • Chevaucher au Vent !
    This beautiful clip comes from our friends at Camera Crewing Company. It was also shot with our Phantom HD digital high-speed camera at 480 fps, 2078us, 1:1
  • L'Art du Vol en Snowboard
    The Art of FLIGHT follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures and progress the sport to unimaginable levels.
  • Coming Soon! For PCC Tutorials
  • Kel-Tec RDB
    The official Kel-Tec RDB commercial as seen on TV. Shot with a Phantom v2511 ultrahigh-speed camera.
  • Bat in Flight
  • VEO Drops
    Water and food coloring droplets highlight the detailed imaging capabilities of the VEO series of cameras.
  • Halloween Drop Test
    One of our first N5 videos
  • Dites Moi Quand le Feu Apparait !
    All the live action footage was shot on March 24th, 2013 with some additional fire elements shot on the 23rd and 25th of March with the Hebron Fire Dept. and the Glastonbury Fire Dept. in Connecticut. This is a true 4K RAW camera capable of at 1000fps at 4K resolution. Thanks to our great crew, including lead Phantom camera technician Edward Richardson, VRI and Abel CineTech for giving us the opportunity to shoot with this amazing new camera system.
  • Le Tunnel du Temps | Pepsi Max
    Using advanced projection technology, we surprise passers-by with the illusion of an extraordinary time portal opening up before their very eyes. We filmed their reactions on a hidden camera as they got the shock of their lives!
  • Obturateur d'un Appareil Photo à 10 000 i/sec - Réalisé par les ''Slow Mo Guys''
    Gav shows you how insanely quick the inside of a DSLR camera moves when it takes a picture, by filming it at 10,000 fps.
  • Smash!
    A Miro C210 captures high-speed video of a weight machine smashing common objects.
  • Revolver de Calibre .45
    .45 calibre revolver, handheld by first time shooter. Shot with a Miro
  • Forêt et Ralentis Phantom !
    This is a REAL PLACE... and this happens EVERY MORNING!! I went there two mornings and made observations. It was amazing.
  • Flaque et...Splash !
    Gav and Dan make a splash on a freezing cold day with the help of Scion, Scion Racing Driver Ken Gushi and a gigantic puddle. Filmed at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex
  • Kingfisher catching a fish
  • Raining Cats | Phantom Camera Series
  • Abeilles et Caméra Rapide Phantom
  • The User Interfaces (Part 1) Tutorial PCC
  • Vibration
    Directed by Propadata Films. Filmed on a Phantom HD Gold camera.
  • Super Light
    This clip was shot using a Phantom HD digital high-speed video camera. Our thanks to Superfad, who designed and directed the clip, for allowing us to use it. Duration: 28.4s. Size: 1.84MB.
  • Le Nouveau Isuzu KB Serengeti Edition Spéciale
    The all new Isuzu KB Serengeti Special Edition shot entireily on Vision Research's Flex4K.
  • Production ''Grandeur''
    GRANDEUR is a production company specializing in creative highspeed video. Please enjoy our 2014 reel shot entirely on Phantom.
  • Parkour Shot on the Phantom Miro
    Short clip of a parkour move shot with the Phantom Miro. Music is Omnes Amici Mei composed by Carlo Gesualdo.
  • N5 Car Belt Test
    Varying speeds for detail comparison.
  • NASA Hypervelocity Impact
    Impact of particle at hypervelocities during test at NASA WSTF Hypervelocity Impact Testing Lab.
  • Swing de Golf à 800 i/sec
    Thanks go out to PGA Golf Management for providing this clip of the proper way to swing a driver. The video was shot at 800 frames per second by a Phantom v12.1 digital high-speed camera.
  • Waste
    from ENVIRONMENT FILMS. Produced by Environment Films. Director of Photography: Ben Todd Director: James Appleton Art Department: Pip Robinson Post Production: Unit Post Production Producer: Kabir Malik Shot on a Phantom Miro digital high speed camera
  • Nike
    Highspeedworx was offered the job to shoot three Nike Golf commercials with our very own Johan Horjus as Director of Photography. We created a small behind the scenes of the shoot and to find what production crew thought of using a Phantom Flex 4K as
  • Immeubles en Quelques Bonds ....
    This young man can do some amazing things! Like scaling a build while performing some acrobatics on the way down. This has to be seen to be believed!
  • Splash Théatral...
    "Splash" (42 Sec. Theatrical Version - 2D), Theater Ad, Shot with Phantom Flex digital high-speed in 3D @ 1600 fps. 3D Version currently in theaters across Germany playing before the 3D movie "Thor."
  • The User Interfaces (Part 2) Tutorial PCC
  • Wind Tunnel PIV
  • Birds in Flight
  • Ford Focus et Caméra Vidéo rapide Flex
    FORD FOCUS // Director's Cut - 5 days of high speed with the Phantom Flex and light painting with the Milo Motion control
  • Contorsion du Chat au Ralenti
    High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don't share this one, you probably never will. Please consider sharing by clicking here: GiGi was not hurt during the making of this video. We took great care to make sure she would be safe. The high speed camera used was a Phantom Miro M / LC320S. Rent one yourself by clicking here: Tell them GiGi the cat sent you
  • Calibre .54...
    Great Plains black power .54 cal pistol. Shot with a Phantom Miro M310 digital high-speed camera.
  • Miro C110 Quick Start Guide
    A short tutorial on setting up your C110.
  • Les ''Slow Mo Guys''
    Youtube teamed up with Gav and Dan to recreate some of the memes you would regularly find on the internet in super slow mo.
  • Caméra Rapide Flex4K Monochrome dans le Maine
    The Maine coast as captured with a monochrome version of the Phantom Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera. Footage was shot on the back shore of Peaks Island, ME in August 2014.The frame rates on this footage range from 250-500 frames-per-second.Special thank you to Edward Richardson, Phantom TechMusic by Owen Gibbins of Vision Research
  • Tirs au... Lance-Pierres !
    In this video The Smarter Every Day folks demonstrate The Physics of Slingshots in a light hearted way.
  • Déploiement d'Airbag
    We take the airbag that resides in our steering wheel and dashboards for granted. This 5 second clips dramatises how this invention can save your life!
  • Dogs Catching Snacks
  • Underwater Blast
  • Application Preferences (Part 1) Tutorial PCC
  • Sparkling Water & Food
  • Le Pistolet à Eau :)
    Never Ever Do This At Home airs Mondays on Discovery
  • Kel-Tec RDB
    The official Kel-Tec RDB commercial as seen on TV. Shot with a Phantom v2511 ultrahigh-speed camera.
  • Bière en Slow Motion
    Food Flash is an experiment in slow-motion and macro food photography. We filmed simple actions common in everyday cooking, the things that happen so fast they usually go unnoticed. Ready? Turn off the lights, turn up the speakers, and enjoy. Shot on a Phantom Flex. Music by Matt Abeysekera; Visit the website.
  • Phantom Flex Sample Footage by Bluechip Media Group
    This video contains footage shot on a Phantom Flex at 2,564 Frames Per Second
  • NASA Hypervelocity Impact 2
    High-speed footage of hypervelocity impact of particle taken at NASA WSTF Hypervelocity Impact Lab.
  • Nescafé
    Nescafé wanted to set new standards for beverages experience worldwide with ownable iconic product shots and rituals around the whole product consumption with a « never done before » creative execution.
  • Sony Xperia Aqua
    Sony Xperia Aqua
  • Le Papier Toilette
    Never Ever Do This At Home Airs Mondays at 9ET on Discovery!
  • Le ...Chou-Fleur !
    Welcome to the first episode of CHOW’s Food Flash video series, an experiment in slow-motion and macro food photography. We filmed simple actions common in everyday cooking, the things that happen so fast they usually go unnoticed. Ready? Turn off the lights, turn up the speakers, and enjoy. Shot on a Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera. Music by Matt Abeysekera
  • Ray-Ban's "Paint Balloons"
  • Application Preferences (Part 2) Tutorial PCC
  • v2640 captures a bursting water balloon
  • Black Beauty
  • Rapaces et Caméras rapides Phantom !
    Andrew is a student worker at the SRC's Education unit. He is also the 2011-2012 President of Auburn University's Society for Conservation Biology. Part of the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, the SRC is comprised of a rehabilitation and education unit.
  • Projectile d'un Quigley 45-110
    555gr roundnose lead projectile (muzzle velocity 1285fps) shot from Sharp Quigly 45-110, black powder. 557gr flatnose lead projectile hitting FBI 10% Ballistic gel, 50m from muzzle. Shot with a Phantom v2010 digital high-speed camera.
  • Du Popcorn en Slow Motion !
  • Plouf ! - Réalisé par les ''Slow Mo Guys''
  • Avec du Gaz Haute Pression...
    The effect of propellent high pressure gases on the performance of boat tail vs flat base bullets when exiting the muzzle of the Sako de Lux A3 Rifle 30-06 Spingfield (1 in 10 twist, 24" barrel). Shot with a Phantom v2010 high-speed camera.
  • Abeilles et Caméra Rapide Phantom
  • Obturateur du Canon DSLR au Ralenti
    Extra Credit: Can you calculate the exposure time?
  • Phantom Miro eX4 @ 1245 fps + 2011 Camaro SS
    Phantom Miro eX4 @ 1245 fps + 2011 Camaro SS (very cool car!)
  • v1840 Brings all new Bright Field Mode
  • Capturing A Cine (Part 1) Tutorial PCC
  • High-Speed Clips from 'How Sharks Hunt', and 'Shark City' - Discovery Shark Week 2011
  • Démonstration Phantom Miro (2014)
    A collection of some of the stuff I shot on the Phantom Miro LC320s super slow motion camera in 2014.
  • La Pastèque !
    More Classical Phantom Camera Theatre - "The Watermelon" from our friends at Discovery Channel.
  • Stress Photoélastique
    It is so cool to watch an object rebound off a stretched piece of elastic. Fascinating!
  • Bande Annonce de la Chaîne ''Slow Mo Guys''
  • Eau Citronnée: Combinaison Parfaite
    Produced by Love High Speed
  • Hautes Vitesses (Plasma vs HMI)
  • 60 000 i/sec et Phantom v1610
    Blowing Up Stuff at 60,000 Frames Per Second with the Phantom v1610
  • Space Shuttle Launch Flight STS-132
  • The Marangoni Effect
  • Impact !
    Two Flex4K cameras used vertically to showcase the cliff diver's amazing sport. Produced by Bluearth production in France

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