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What is the difference between the new Rxx1 cameras and the previous Rxx0 cameras?

Can I use any Ethernet cable with the Miro C110?

I have an old Miro power supply.  Can I just use that one?

Can I use my F-mount lens with the Miro C-Series cameras?

The C110 looks like the C210.  Is it Hi-G?  Can it be used with a Miro Junction Box? 

If the camera doesn’t have a shutter, how can I perform a Current Session Reference (CSR)?

What are all of the available signals for the C110? 

What is the worst case power draw of the cameras?

What is the difference between the new LCxx1 cameras and the previous LCxx0 cameras?

Tell me more about the CFast workflow.  What is the transfer rate from RAM to the CFast card?  Can you write directly to the card in Run/Stop mode?  
Does the VEO camera have NTSC/PAL video?  
Can you use a battery with Phantom VEO cameras?   
Are Phantom VEO cameras compatible with the RCU?  
Are VEO cameras compatible with the Miro-JB or previous Junction Box? 
Can the Miro N5 accept C-mount lenses?
Do I have to use the Miro N5 I bought with the Miro N-JB base I bought with it?
I see the Miro N5 has a serial number. Can it be sent in for repair?
Do I need to by the CXP cable separately?
What if the CXP cable breaks?
Can I use any CXP cable, or is there a special one? 
Why doesn’t the base have a power supply?
Do I need to buy a System cable to connect to the JBox? 
What is the worst case power draw of the Miro N-JB Base? 
What are the differences between the Flex4K and the VEO4K?

Do I have to use all 16 CXP ports? What if I only have 2 frame grabbers?

Does it matter which Bank I use?

I see a power connector. Do I have to use that? Does the S990 have Power over CXP?

My other Phantom cameras have PCC.  Does the S990 also come with PCC for camera control?

Do I need to use the GPIO to control the camera?

Are all of the Operating Modes included with the cameras?

What is High Speed Bright Field Mode?

In FAST option also included?

How do I switch the modes?

If I buy a v1840 now, can I upgrade to a v2640 later?

What is the difference between the Phantom Miro 140 and the Phantom Miro 120?

Can I create a log to capture issues with my camera and controller?

For security reasons, I need to be sure that all high-speed images acquired by my Phantom camera are erased. How are these images stored? And, how can I erase them?

What is the resolution and size of the touchscreen?

What is the difference between the Miro C210J and Miro C210?

I already own a Flex4K - how do I start working with ProRes and Audio?

Are there two types of Bluetooth dongles? What are the differences? 
I understand there are several models of CineMag – What are the differences? 
What are the differences between the Phantom Miro 320S and the Phantom Flex?

What are the differences between a CineFlash and a CineMag?

Is there a limit to the number of cine files that I can store on a CineFlash?

Are there any portable 10Gb Ethernet download solutions? 

How do I connect my RCU to an older v-Series camera that does not have a Remote port? 

What are some differences between the RAW and ProRes workflow?

Will my old Miro RCU cable work with the Miro C’s?

Is the touchscreen resistive or capacitive?

How do you determine the light sensitivity of your cameras?

Do your products have a CE Declaration?   

Why does the overall PCC display layout appear re-arranged on different computers?

What are the benefits of over sampling and using image scaling?

What is the difference between the Phantom Miro 340 and the Phantom Miro 320S?

How does the Miro LAB differ from other Miro models?

There is no capture cable or Break-out-Box for the LAB-Series. How do I access the signals for controlling or monitoring the camera?

Does the LAB-Series support the CineFlash storage system?

What is the difference between the LAB310 and the LAB3a10?

The LAB3a10 at 1280 x 1280 and with 10 micron pixels, has an image circle that is greater than 18 mm diameter. What lensing can I use to cover that area?

Can I use my F-mount lens with the Miro C-Series cameras?

Why is the only option ProRes 422 HQ? Will additional ProRes formats and resolutions be added? 

How do I connect the RCU to Miro cameras?

What is the difference between the UHS-12 Series (v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212) and the previous UHS-11 Series (v2511, v2011, v1611 and v1211)?

What are the differences between a CineFlash and a CineMag?

If the Miro 140 and 340 don't have video output, how do I frame, focus and review recording?

How do you install the battery on Miro M / R / LC-Series cameras?

For security reasons, I need to be sure that all high-speed images acquired by my Phantom camera are erased. How are these images stored? And, how can I erase them?

What is the "field replaceable pin array" included with my Phantom Flex?

I want to use my slow motion video camera for capturing underwater events.  Do you have any underwater housings available?

Does Phantom software work with Mac computers? Or, only PCs? 

How can I change the IP address of my camera from the default?

When running under battery power, the touchscreen seems to be less responsive. Why?

Can you describe the cooling system for the Phantom v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212?

The v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 all have a 10Gb Ethernet interface. Tell me more about it and how to use it.

Can I use a viewfinder with the v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212?

Do the v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 support the use of Canon EOS lenses with software control over aperture and focus?

What signals are available on the Capture Connector on the back of the camera, and which of those are provided on the standard Capture Cable that ships with the camera?

Can I use any Vision Research power supply with the v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212? I have a power supply from a UHS-11 Series camera, can I use it?

What does the AUTO/ON/OFF switch do?

I see there are two power input ports. One is the Primary DC Power and the other is the Battery Backup. How do these work?

Tell me more about the GPS port on the back of the camera.

These cameras can have a lot of memory in them! How long does it take to save a shot from these cameras?

Can I use the Phantom RCU with the Phantom Miro140 and Phantom Miro 340?

Is it possible to re-set the touchscreen, in case it becomes less responsive over time? 

What does the OFF / AUTO / ON switch do on Miro M / R / LC cameras?

What is a Cine file?

What are the sensor dimensions for my camera?

How do I get my video into your Gallery?

The Flex datasheet refers to a “low fan mode for near silent shooting”. What is this and how do I access this mode?

What is the difference between the Dual-Link HD-SDI feature of the Phantom Flex, and the Versatile Dual HD-SDI feature on the v640, v12.1 and v710?

Does the breakout box work with these cameras? What signals are available?

How far can the Phantom Bluetooth Module transmit data?

How does Flex4K audio recording work? 

Will the Phantom Remote Control Unit (RCU) work with the v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 cameras?

Will the liquid in the heat pipes freeze and damage the heat pipes if the camera is stored or transported at temperatures below freezing?

What is the worst case power draw of the camera that I would use to calculate battery requirements?

Is it true that a camera that runs this fast must be powered by either dilithium or silithium crystals?

Is there some way to be notified anytime Vision Research introduces new products, or posts software or firmware updates to the web site?

How do I find the firmware versions running in my camera?

When should I use the Flex camera’s HQ mode, and what are the trade-offs?

How to work with Cine Raw files in Adobe Premiere

Can you use a stylus with the Miro LC screen?

What is the power input spec for the camera? And, under what circumstances does the camera switch to battery power?

How do I clean my high speed digital camera after it was used in dusty or sandy environments?

What frame rates are possible with Flex4K when with direct record to CineMag in R/S mode?

Is there a way to use the wireless RCU with a Miro? 

What is the worst case power draw of the cameras?

Will my old Miro RCU cable work with Miro C-Series cameras? 

What are the main differences between the Phantom Flex and Flex4K?

How do I convert a Cine movie to other video formats?

Why are the exposure times available to me in HQ mode different from what is available in Standard mode on the Phantom Flex?

How do I reload my camera’s factory STG file?

What is the best way to clean my Phantom high-speed cameras' sensor and lenses?

What video formats are available?

How well does the LCD screen work in daylight?

Which cameras can I use with the Miro Junction Box?

If JBoxes are connected together, how many power sources are needed?

On Miro cameras with NTSC / PAL video the resolutions are typically greater than a NTSC / PAL monitor. Is the image cropped or scaled to fit the screen?

How do I batch process cine files into image sequences (i.e TIFF, DPX, DNG)?

What is "circular buffer" or "loop" recording?

How do you get the files off the CineMag IV?

Will the original CineMag or CineMag II Work with the Phantom Flex4K?

What does the Autoset button do?

What is the best digital / raw workflow to use with Final Cut Pro?

Can I get a datasheet for my discontinued cameras?   

I've installed Phantom Software and assigned the controller's IP address and my camera won't communicate with the controller, what's wrong?

What are the Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) for your cameras?

Can saved Cine files in the CineFlash drive be reviewed on the LCD screen?

Can you record directly to the CineFlash?

I need to have wireless remote control over a camera. How can I do this?

How can I save / convert a single image from the video captured by the Phantom digital high speed camera?

My camera used to communicate with the PC / controller now it won’t.  What should I do?

What does the "*" symbol next to a cine number on the cine list display mean?

There are a lot of video outputs and options on the Flex4K. How do the different video modes work?  

What is the best way to clean my Phantom high-speed camera sensor and lenses?

How long can you record with the Flex4K?

Is there any way to select multiple cines for deletion or saving?

Why is MPEG conversion no longer available on later versions of the Phantom software?

What type of training classes do you offer?

CineFlash Dock Installation Instructions

Can I power the CineFlash Dock from the eSata or USB3 port? 

You have so many different models of the Phantom digital high speed camera that it’s hard to tell them apart. Is there a place where I can see all of your cameras on one page?

How can I cancel and reset the in-point or out-point that I set in the playback screen?

What is the size and weight of the Flex4K camera?

Can I scrub through the video on the playback screen?

Can I play cines stored on the CineFlash while it is still in the camera?

My image quality is not as good as it used to be.  What should I do to fix the problem?

Can you download from the CineFlash directly from the camera?

Is there any difference in battery life between the M and LC-Series cameras?

How fast can I move files from the CineFlash to a disk drive using the CineFlash Dock? 

When I select a trigger point using a percentage number like 20%, the trigger is set 20% from the end of the available frames not 20% from the beginning. What is going on?

What information should I have when contacting Vision Research Technical Support?

What is a Current Session Reference (CSR) and when should I use it?

How quickly can I save data from camera RAM to a CineFlash?

What camera lenses are compatible with your Canon EOS Lens Mount?

I am looking for information on a renting a Phantom digital high speed video camera. Who do I need to contact?

Do you rent worldwide?

What is your minimum and maximum rental periods?

If I rent a camera from you, what all is included?

What can I expect for run times with the BP-U30 and BP-U60 battery?

Is there any way to tell the state of the battery as far as run time remaining?

Does the camera charge the battery?

What do the LEDs on the back of the camera indicate?

What signals are available via the ‘Capture’ port? 

Can I use a capture cable from a Miro eX4 with the Miro M / R/ LC-Series?

When using the optional C-mount, what resolution is compatible with a 1” C-mount lens? 

Why can’t I select any resolution I want? For example, if I type in a desired resolution of 1000 x 700, the software changes it to 1024 x 704.

In the past, when I set up the camera to take multiple cines, each cine could have its own settings. Now, all the cines must share common settings. Why?

What is the expected lifetime of a Phantom CineFlash?

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