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Case Studies

Read about some of the many different ways the Phantom digital high-speed cameras are used.

Case Studies
  • Posted on jeudi 17 août 2017
  • Author: Kenya/VRI

Precision Explosives Analysis with High-Speed Imaging

A study on explosives with Colorado School of Mines

Explosives testing is a unique research avenue that can benefits a number of industries, such as construction, mining, military, and police. Traditional explosives testing was performed with a labor intensive manual process that only supplied data pre- and post- detonation.   High-speed cameras have allowed researchers to expand their data collection by capturing images during detonation and explosion. 

The detonation process in particular is a key area of interest for the AXPRO Group and the Colorado School of Mines. As Vision Research's proprietary technology has improved the speed, resolution, and pixel size of Phantom cameras the group has been able to to capture never before seen information.  This has also allowed them to devise a new method of blast wave testing.   This new method aids in the proper classification of explosives and detonators.

The Colorado School of Mines offers a 4-day course on explosives testing for those interested in learning about high-speed cameras in this situation. Information & registration are available online at: 

To learn more about the explosives analysis advancements that are being made with the use of Phantom High-Speed Cameras download our free whitepaper below.

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