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Case Studies

Read about some of the many different ways the Phantom digital high-speed cameras are used.

Case Studies
  • Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2017
  • Author: Kenya/VRI

When Lightning And Lightning Rods Connect

Phantom cameras enable unique lightning study.

When Lightning And Lightning Rods Connect

Lightning is one of nature's most dangerous and greatest mysteries.  It is difficult to study due to the chaotic and random nature of its occurrences. Capturing lightning on video is even more difficult as the camera being pointed in the correct direction when a bolt occurs is a chance situation.  The difficulty increases even more when high-speed imaging is involved.  The powerful ultra-high speed cameras that are required to film lightning blasts are not easy to maneuver.  Researchers must watch incoming storms closely and strategically pick the sky space that is going to be observed.  Lightning rods offer researchers a stationary subject to focus on and aid in the recording. 

A team of researchers in Brazil have been studying the effects of lighting on 200-ft tall common buildings in the city of São Paulo. They have accomplished their research and learned valuable information by utilizing a Phantom v711. 

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