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Case Studies

Read about some of the many different ways the Phantom digital high-speed cameras are used.

Case Studies
  • Posted on Monday, January 16, 2017
  • Author: Kenya/VRI

The Heat Is On: Examining Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer with High-Speed Cameras

Studies on a variety of heat and cooling systems performed.

Temperature and the ability to regulate it is critical to all aspects of life.  It is how machines are able to function for long-term intervals and how we prepare ourselves for outdoor excursions. Industrial technologies like air conditioning and refrigeration rely on heat transfer to function. A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat between one or more fluids, essentially working to increase heating and cooling efficiency and flow.

Assistant Professor Alex Rattner at the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Pennsylvania State University leds a group of students and researchers in a study about heat transfer. Using a lighting technique called shadowgraphy and a specially designed pin-array they were able to analyze ways to improve the performance of head exchangers.

Download the full PDF to read the case study: "The Heat Is On: Examining Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer with High-Speed Cameras".

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