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Case Studies

Read about some of the many different ways the Phantom digital high-speed cameras are used.

Case Studies

The Heat Is On: Examining Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer with High-Speed Cameras


Students and researchers at Pennsylvania State University's Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering use high-speed cameras to study heat transfer systems.
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Outcomes of Mid-air Collisions Between Drops and Solid Particles


Studying the influence of particle wettability on the outcome of mid-air collisions between drops and solid particles.
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High-Speed Cameras Help Digital Image Correlation Show Its Strength


Digital Image Correlation (DIC) using high-speed cameras is gaining in popularity as a method for measuring material deformation and strain.  That popularity is based on some real advantages of DIC over traditional sensors, and supported by advances in camera capabilities, integrator software, and new measurement techniques. Download Now

When Lightning Strikes


Ph.D. students at Florida Institute of Technology used a Phantom camera to study a little known occurrence during thunderstorms.
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Advancing Microfluidics Research Using High-Speed Cameras


High-speed cameras can play an important role in microfluidics research. Vision Research, as providers of Phantom high-speed cameras, has a lot of experience in this area, and our resident expert, Nick Long, Vision Research OEM Manager, has extensive knowledge and application experience using high-speed cameras in microfluidics. 

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