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Phantom Miro Midsize Digital High-Speed Cameras


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Phantom Miro 321S Models

When conducting a scientific study or research, monitoring or troubleshooting an industrial process, or performing motion analysis through another application, high frame rate cameras serve as an extremely valuable tool. Scientists, researchers and even the guys on MythBusters use high speed cameras to examine, test, and analyze different experiments to see what happens that the naked eye can’t catch. For the best in high frame rate cameras, Phantom is one of the most respected names in the industry.

At Vision Research, we go above and beyond typical specifications and offer highly configurable frame rates, resolutions, and advanced features in our extensive line of Phantom high frame rate cameras. We offer a range of camera models from the Miro C110 camera, which records at 1,000 frames per second (fps) with one-megapixel resolution, all the way to the Ultrahigh-speed Phantom v2512, which records up to 25,000 fps at full resolution.

The Phantom Midsize Miro camera line of high speed, high frame rate cameras provides an excellent mid-range selection with powerful features and frame rate performance in a very small package. These cameras include the option for hot-swappable flash drives, video outputs, image-based auto trigger, 2-D motion analysis tools for measurements and continuous recording. There are several Phantom Miro camera models to choose from that can be tailored to your application. All of our Phantom cameras are built with the highest quality and care to ensure exceptional performance for many years.

If you're in need of a camera that has the ability to capture and slow down recordings at rapid rates, check out Phantom's line of quality high frame rate cameras today.

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