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Local Student Wins 3rd Place in Science Poetry Contest


We LOVE science! So much that Vision Research and Ametek sponsor The Science Explorers! ( Once a month Vision Research employees go to a local middle school and volunteer their time teaching young children about the wonders of science.

One of the kids from our school wrote a poem that was entered into a competition with other children from NJ, PA, and DE.

He WON 3RD PLACE!!! (Poem below)

We are so proud of you Meteorite Miguel!!!

Science Explorers

I look like a real scientist
I have a lab coat and goggles to protect my eyes I feel proud that I can do real experiments Science Explorers visit us every month
Downstairs on a big table where we have the book fair.
I'm Meteorite Miguel
The teachers are Galaxy Gray, Helium Hackett and Radioactive Rachel I get excited to make surprise things
We observe Look and hear Things vibrate
There was a string in a cup
It made a chicken sound when we pulled it We wet it and it made a cow sound Sometimes you get to make things explode It looked kind of funny
One time we were chemists We mixed liquids
First it's red and pink Then exploded into purple I laughed and laughed
It looked like a rainbow

And smelled like water and apple juice I would never drink it
Scientists are always careful
We made matter monsters They were liquid, gas and solid
We waft to smell so nothing bad got in our nose We are careful scientists
I felt really smart

Every time we do an experiment we get a new sticker for our cards The cards say "If it's not fun, we're not doing it"
I'm doing it!!!

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