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University of Maryland Introduces a Phantom VEO640L to Research Labs

Researchers will use the VEO640L in a variety of experiments.
2/15/2017 |  

Introducing the new Phantom Flex4K-GS

Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, today introduces the Phantom® Flex4K-GS, a high-speed...
2/7/2017 |  

The University of Alberta Utilizes a Phantom VEO 710L in Research Labs

Microfluidics studies will help advance medical and engineering fields.
2/6/2017 |  

University of Western Ontario Brings a Phantom VEO 340L Into Their Laboratories

Research with the Phantom VEO340L will benefit students looking for careers in biophysics and biomedical engineering.
2/6/2017 |  

Introducing the Phantom Flex4K-GS

Built upon the established Phantom Flex4K cinema camera platform, the new Flex4K-GS incorporates a global shutter with its 4K, 9.4 megapixel, 35mm sensor.  The camera’s 4K resolution results in the ability to capture sharp, detailed images for optimal image quality and enhanced measurement precision.   

The main difference between the Flex4K-GS and the original Flex4K is the addition of a global shutter mode.  This enables the camera’s use for industrial and scientific applications where a rolling shutter cannot be used due to possible motion artifacts and the progressive scan behavior of each exposure.  While rolling shutter cameras typically achieve higher dynamic range and lower noise, the way the electronic shutter integrates can create motion artifacts, making high precision measurements impossible.  The Flex4K-GS has the unique ability to switch between global and rolling shutter modes to take advantage of both scenarios. 

The Flex4K-GS is available with a white housing (standard) or with the cinema-style black housing, and upgrades from existing Flex4K cameras are available.

Key Features

  • Full resolution 4096 x 2304
  • Up to 1,000 fps at 4096 x 2160
  • Global shutter (GS) mode, switchable to rolling shutter (RS) mode.
  • Phantom CineMag IV recording media (1TB & 2TB)
  • Lens mount: Interchangeable between Nikon F/G, Canon EF and PL mounts.

Visit the Flex4K-GS product page for more information. Stay up to date with announcements and other news on Twitter @phantomHiSpeed, Facebook at “visionresearch” and by visiting the Vision Research blog

Featured Product

Ultrahigh-Speed Cameras

Our Phantom Ultrahigh-speed UHS family offers superb sensitivity, the highest frame rates and significantly increased memory options.  The v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 all come equipped with up-to 288GB of RAM and can be compatible with the CineMag IV, providing access to up to 2TB of non-volatile memory to quickly store critical data.   

Phantom N-Series

Tiny camera, big impact.  With a camera head measuring in at just 32mm x 32mm x 29mm, the Miro N-Series is Vision Research’s smallest camera model. The Miro N5 camera head is detached from the body, can be mounted just about anywhere, and is Hi-G constructed to withstand impacts up to 150G. It is ideal for hostile and extreme environments, such as auto crash and aerospace testing.

Visit the Phantom Miro N-Series product page for more information and data sheet. 


Did you know?

Vision Research's Phantom digital high-speed cameras are made in the USA at our factory in Wayne, New Jersey.

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